83.33% The Era of Evolution / Chapter 15: Alice's skill (Part 1)

Chapter 15: Alice's skill (Part 1)

Name: Alice Ward (NONCOMBAT)

Alice Ward


Steel Arm

User can't wield any forms of weapons but get 1 extra skill slots.

Unarmed attack deal 20% more damage.


-Emerald Skin (0%)(RARE)(Linked)

-Amethyst Muscle (0%)(RARE)(Linked)

-Ruby Bone (0%)(RARE)(Linked)



Mastery Point: 1

(A/N: I change Alice's Saphire Bone to Ruby Bone and Topaz Muscle into Amethyst Muscle. There's a reason for this but you have to find out yourself in later chapters)


"Alice, what do you know about your skill? What knowledge did you get from it?" My dad asked

"I don't know it's a bit confusing there are a lot of things that I still processing about it. I think I can make my skin shiny but that's all I got." Alice said while showing his hand with a bit of green luster on it. It turns her nails into a very emerald-like green but there's only a tint of green in her skin and you would not have noticed it if she doesn't turn it in front of you. I touch her hand and it feels a bit cold but there's no other difference than a normal skin if I have to say so myself.

"I don't know how to explain it to a klutz like you but try to listen to this as much as you can, okay?"

"Hmph, I'm not a klutz it just you guys that are a nerd and use very weird language I don't understand"

"I still don't get it how you can understand that fantasy novel that you love so much. I mean they have more alien language compare to our game language." I said joining the conversation.

"Well, at least they explain what the word means, unlike you guys who just gave me a new word and expect me to know everything from the start."

"Okay, okay, stop arguing. I'll try to simplify everything for you and you can ask Albert if there's something that you don't understand as I may not be able to help later." Anthony smile a bit looking at his kid arguing like 5 years old in front of him.

'Something just never change, I wish this peace can stay forever' Anthony thought before he starts speaking about a theory that he and his friends made over the phone 15 minutes ago.

"I don't know if you're really lucky or really unlucky with the experiment result. To get an extra skill shot from your traits is a really good thing. Even if you can't wield any weapon whatsoever the fact that you can have an extra skill is a really good thing."

"Why is that so? Isn't every character in RPG games that Albert play have some kind of weapon. And he always nags about how the weapon is always overpowered compare to other pieces of equipment."

Alice cut dad's sentence that short with a question.

"There's a difference between RPG games in this, Alice. If I have to give you an example remember how you play together with me and James and how you can support us even though you don't have any equipment whatsoever?"

"Having a weapon is essentials for front-line fighters like swordsman and a knight but for a mage and a support having an extra skill is far more advantageous as they can still function without their weapon," I explain it with an example that she would understand

"Albert is right, having more skill give you an edge as a spellcaster or a support. And both spellcaster and a support have safer fighting environment compare to a front liner."My dad sigh and show a bit of sad face before it turns back to his normal face. Well, which father doesn't dote on his only daughter and a concept of putting your daughter into a fight is really making every father in his right mind go crazy. I understand his thought process I mean even I, his brother get a bit worried thinking about her.

"Too bad that she doesn't get a mage or a support as her classes. Well, looking at her stats I know why she gets Monk as her class but it's really a shame." I added

"Oh, you already have a theory behind class and stats? Impressive."

"Hey, hey, hey, you guys are going too far don't leave me in the dark. Explain slower!!! S L O W E R!!!" Alice said panicking as her brain getting a bit overloaded.

"You explain it, I also want to hear your theory." My dad told me to explain everything I deduct from the experiment result

I told the story of how I and James come up with the theory of stats. Well, it's mostly composed of me deducting and James accepting it arguing because he can't come up with a better argument. Unlike me, he is a brain muscle so he rarely comes up with a theory he can think for himself but I guess it needs more than that to come up with some theory.

Weirdly though I always feel that I can come up with a much better conclusion when I discuss with him. Maybe because it's hard to convince him so when I did convince him I have much more confidence about my theory. He's an easy going hard to crack muscle brain and because of him, I have to always come up with a foolproof argument or at least decent one where he can't argue with his weird instinct.

"It always amazes me how your brain works when it involves RPG games or just games in general. They should have hired you instead of me for the job."

"When all you do is play an unreleased game you will eventually get the logic behind it. Well, even you someone who only know to code eventually become a game developer because of our continuous discussion about how should it works and what not. I'm more amazed how your brain can keep implementing things I came up within an actual game."

"Well all you have to do is reverse engineering your thought process and voila, all done"

"Ugh, can both of you continue this on other time, It's already hard to keep up with the theory please don't make me spend more of my brain cell to this old dated conversation that you two always manage to come back to." Me and my dad smile at Alice's misery we can almost see a smoke coming from her ears so we decided to stop her torture and continue with the discussion about her skill.

Pleki Pleki

I tried to open and read my novel in my smartphone and realize that I didn't use enough spacing. Will try to space better in the next chapter. Tell me whether you prefer the previous one or the next one.

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