91.3% Recycling System / Chapter 63: Back to Business

Chapter 63: Back to Business

Most of the buildings outside the wall survived the initial blast. The massive wall didn't quite contain the blast which was disappointing. Military forces converged on the area. Spy planes moved over the area constantly. Drones covered the area sending back data to who knows where.

This wasn't what he wanted, but he remained as a shadow clone on the tallest building. The price for ultimate freedom and privileges was responsibility. For once he understood why Ace killed him.

He named the jutsu Star Fallen. Unlike an actual nuke, this jutsu didn't spill radiation everywhere. Messing with such destructive forces made him nervous. He would rather punch his problems away than glassing an area.

It held the power to destroy a planet if directed towards that end. If he had capped the wall, then the explosive force would have directed to the planet alone. He didn't know if the planet would go or the cap would burst. His earth walls were sage art ranked with plenty of chakra devoted to keeping them sturdy. The problem was Star Fallen was a new technique he had been toying with for a while. If he added a shuriken feature or maybe a drilling effect well the planet's core might well get pierced. It would void the earth's warranty in a way. Life would no longer be sustainable on the planet, but it wouldn't destroy the planet.

He let his body light up in his cloak before leaping off the sky scraper. Bastion landed easily enough on the pavement below. His landing didn't turn a stone. He approached a reporter. Members of the CCG were at the scene even Arima. He raised his quinque but it would do him no good.

"Why did you do this? Who are you where did you come from?" A reporter asked. The CCG agents tensed up waiting for him to do something.

A grin lit his face. "I'm glad you asked. As for the why, a virus with low levels of sentience infected the 22nd ward hours after it was introduced. In days it would have taken the destruction of Japan to rid the world of it. This virus does not discriminate between rodents, humans, insects, or ghouls it takes over the host and changes their behavior. It directs them to spread the virus and when it has infested the host to a certain point, it harvests their biomass. To create a much stronger infected. That's what I've observed thus far. I'm unsure if this worked or if this has merely slowed the infection down." Bastion said.

"How did this happen who set off the initial infection?" The reporter yelled. The cameras were already cut off, but the reporter still asked questions. The CCG surrounded him, but they made no move to attack.

"Stand down all of you. If what he says is true, then he made the hard decision for the good of us all. The only question is are you on our side." Yoshitoki Washuu asked. Bastion observed the man with his sharingan. The man looked proper enough by his life force he was likely Rize's brother. They looked vastly different.

"Side, what a mortal thing to say. Does a farmer take sides when he euthanizes some livestock to save the others? I've burned the sick to preserve the healthy nothing more. Don't misinterpret my actions. There is no weapon you have capable of doing me harm." Bastions aid confidently. The man looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Bastion was curious if he smelt human. In the cloaked state he used much of his giant's power. Did the ghoul smell the lightning moving through his giant's body, did he smell the heat, the flow of coolant, and did he smell the hunger locked deep within his psyche? "As for who I am, why would I tell you such a thing. Now, be good little sheep, try not to panic, and don't be afraid to bleat loudly as you go to slaughter." Bastion said and vanished in smoke.

Later at his second hideout, he messed with a few designs. A stylus clenched between his fingers as he drew seal after seal trying to create something intelligent. His goal wasn't an AI but a simple machine that could duplicate and infect passively. His goal was a seal that acted like a virus infecting a host and altering their cells much like a virus. He was toying with making a seal that could duplicate itself and jump from host to host.

His mind was full of seals of various make but the ones that did what he needed didn't quite fit together. He knew this was possible but needed time to make it so. Hours passed and Rize flipped on the TV. The vampires were asleep since it was the middle of the day.

The TV showed him in cloak form with a different face. "Bleat loudly my sheep as you go to slaughter." The clip was played repeatedly by CCG propaganda. Rize cackled on the couch.

"They played you good didn't they Bastion. How does it feel knowing the sheep got one over on you?" Rize asked. Bastion sighed and put down his stylus.

"What are you talking about? Their doing exactly as I thought they would. Now their distracted from the fight between ghouls and humans. Perhaps, peace can come." Bastion said. Rize looked at him like she wasn't buying it. "I was fucking around. That doesn't mean they aren't proving my point. The people are still buying my products. I'll let them complain while their Washuu master pull the strings. My game is 130 years long at least. I want humanity off this rock and exploring the cosmos. The sooner the better."

"I'll be long dead before your game is over, why not let me leave some of myself behind?" Rize asked.

"You want to have children?" Bastion said. How could he have known?"

"I want to have lots of children. I don't want them to live in a cage made by the Washuu." Rize said.

"Alright, well have as many as you want." Bastion said.

A month after the incident Bastion had made something semi effective. Giving a seal the ability to think wasn't hard. Sealing as a ninja art was made to be flexible. Bending the laws of reality with written script was made possible with chakra. He could have bent his research towards space time like so many others. The replication of seals like viruses could be more effective.

His virus seal did one thing it enhanced the replication of cells. Bastion attached it to a rat and watched as the rat became a blob of cancerous tumors in moments before passing on. Grabbing design 2 he attached it to the next rat. Whose body quickly separated before melting. On and on, he killed hundreds of rats every day. His seal did what it was meant to do. It replicated his seal and invaded every cell in a host's body. When the new rules he imposed on a cell activated, there was no flexibility. The cell couldn't take it and died.

He left behind several shadow clones to continue the task. This could be the key to immortality. Perfect duplication of cells wasn't currently possible. The seal couldn't work on anyone with chakra. A simple flare of chakra disrupted the fragile matrix of the seal and it would shatter. It was much too early to consider this anything but a work in progress.

There was a problem with making a viral seal. If he had thought of it, then surely someone else has. How much deadlier are they with it? The point of his viral seal was to create an anti virus system. What would other do with this?

Bastion Uchiha

Age: 18

Bloodline: Uchiha 100%, Nightmare 100%

Abilities: Mongekyou Sharingan, Air walking, x2speed, Dense chakra, Hot chakra, powerful chakra, cutting chakra, flexible chakra, x9 Durability, x9 Vitality, x9 Strength

Skills: Mad Gaia Cultivation, Mastered Chakra enhancement, Rasengan Strong Fist, Bastion's Giant, Rasengan, Mega Flare, Chain lightning, Chained lightning rasengan, Advanced fuinjutsu, Mega Flare Blitz, Body Cultivation, Viral Seal, Star Fallen

CP 1e

CC 10a

CR 2e per hour

MP 2

MC 0

MR 2 per day

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