62.19% Be My Strength / Chapter 51: President Du's Birthday Party (4)

Chapter 51: President Du's Birthday Party (4)

When Shangguan Xing bumped into the Head Butler, the latter immediately noticed the red stain on his shirt and told him to quickly remove it before the wine stain sets in.

He gave Shangguan Xing a spare bathrobe that was kept in one of the guest's toilets as he handed the shirt to one of the maids. Every year, there would be someone running to him with wine or dirt stained clothes.

Old Mo bowed respectfully as he asked, "We have a room filled with clothes for the guests. Should I bring you there, Young Master Shangguan?"

Shangguan Xing shook his head as he respectfully replied, "There is no need, Butler Mo. Just tell me the way."

His father had warned him to behave while he was in the Du Mansion. Even though they were considered to be one of the top family in Imperial City, they cannot afford to cross the prestigious Du Family.

There were six people he absolutely cannot offend in the Du Family : President Du, Old Madam Du, the heirs, the foster son, and Butler Mo.

Even though the butler was a servant, he had been with the Du Family for more than 40 years and his father had served the previous Head as well. His opinions were highly regarded by everyone in the Du Family.

After Old Mo told him how to get to the room, he excused himself to get back to his work.

In Shangguan Xing's heart, he felt indignant in having to speak politely to someone in a servitude position. Him, the beloved son of the Shangguan Family, actually had to be nice to a servant?

Cursing the old man in his heart, he secretly wished that he could take the old man apart with his bare hands.

Just as he was walking towards the room, someone knocked him out from behind and dragged him into a room.


Kai Xin managed to hide from the Shangguan Xing's friends by knocking out the guard who were guarding the stairs to the second floor.

When Shangguan Xing's friends saw the unconscious guard, they knew that the person they were chasing must have gone up to the second floor.

After debating between themselves, they agreed that if Shangguan Xing asked, they will unanimously claimed that they could not find him.

If they were caught trespassing, they might forever be banned from social events organized by the Du Mansion.

Not only that, given the standing of the prestigious Du Family, they might be banned from others as well.

Even though their friend was from the Shangguan Family, they were still at the Du Mansion.

After all, one should always respect the rules of the house they were in, and the rules here are one that must be strictly enforced.

With that, they left and went back to the party.


She snuck into one of the rooms on the second floor. With one quick glance, she knew she was in the twins' rooms.

Even though they shared a room, given the size of it, they both get enough space for their toys and stuff.

DX had told her earlier that in order to keep them away from the reporters, the twins would be staying at their grandmother's house for the night. He had always been careful about exposing his boys to public scrutiny.

Kai Xin went to one of the shelves and looked at the contents. They were mostly action based manga, books on economics and finance, and some books on computer.

She chuckled as she thought, "What a huge contrast..."

When she saw the framed pictures of the twins, the corner of her lips curved up slightly as she picked it up. She can easily tell them apart. Even though they have similar features, Lyle had inherited his father's black wavy hair and dark eyes while Jack had straight dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Kai Xin touched Lyle's face in the frame as she reminisced about the past. He was so tiny back then. When she saw him for the first time, all she wanted to do was to protect him and shield him from the dangers that were lurking everywhere.

He was barely six years old when they found him. So undernourished, he was about the size of a four year old as he held onto her clothes and begged her not to leave him. Unable to bear his crying face, she had promised him that she would always be there. However, when he finally fell asleep, she had given him back to his father's care and since then, she never meet him in real life again.

It was the best for everyone. Back then, she had thought that since her relationship with his father was meant to be transient, there was no point in bonding with anyone, especially the kids. It would only hurt everyone involved.

She placed the frame back onto the shelf and murmured softly as she gaze at the mini version of DX, "You grew up well…"

The nagging feeling that she was being watched made the tiny hair at the back of her neck to stand up. Kai Xin felt someone behind her and she turned just in time to see a punch heading towards her.

Luckily, her reflexes were quick enough as she deflected the punch and moved aside. Inside the dark room, illuminated only by the lights on the shelves, she had trouble identifying the rapidly advancing attacker.

She narrowed her eyes and got into an offensive stance as she thought, "Is he a foe or a friend?"

LuoYeYouLing LuoYeYouLing

Who is the attacker?

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  • Rachel2519


    Exactly the point....do they have kids together? But it's been 6 years when they met....and i guess Lyle is 10! How can that be?

  • philgem


    Do they have kids together?

  • py12


    Some sort of story*

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