84% Into What Is Impossible / Chapter 21: Misunderstanding

Chapter 21: Misunderstanding

The general had an an aura that inspires respect, that much Fasha could sense from this man in front of her.

"Greetings to you too general, I have heard that you have some questions?" She responded.

The general nodded his head and took out a black tablet from his pockets, then it seemed to light up as the general swiped across the screen. Intrigued, she decided to ask what was he holding.

"This is a phone miss night, it's an item that can do alot of things including this." The general responded as he turned the bright section of the phone to her and she was amazed with what she saw.

It was her and the guard from earlier talking to each other, a clip taken from one of the tower guard's headcam. She was so amazed by what was in front of her that her eyes were glued to the scene till it reached the part where she lunged to the guard.

"I am going to be straight to the point miss Night, why did you attack us unprovoked?" The general asked in a serious tone.

Fasha thought for a moment trying to remember what happened.


Goswin and Fasha materialized from thin air, she immediately looked around for her sister but she couldn't see her anywhere.

"But that spell was supposed to transport me directly beside her!" She exclaimed, thinking that her spell has somehow failed.

Goswin pointed at something. "Your holiness, look over there!"

Fasha looked to where Goswin's fingers were pointing at and she saw a what she could only describe as a fortress. But suddenly she felt a pang of pain in her chest and a vision of her previous self getting stabbed by treacherous soldiers appeared. She fell down and her breathing was short, Goswin immediately ran to her side to help her.

"Your Holiness! What happened?" He asked.

Fasha's breathing was slower now, the vision and the pain in her chest had disappeared. Slowly, she closed her eyes and tried to sense her sister.

Then Goswin cried out. "NO! YOUR HOLINESS!"

"I'm not dead, idiot." She responded.

Goswin let out a sigh of relief as Fasha could sense her sister... in the fortress.

"We have to move to the fortress, my sister is there!" She got up and started to jog up to the fortress's entrance with Goswin following her.

Soon she reached the entrance, there were strangely garbed men that she assumed were guards, one was on the ground and approached them while unslinging a strange black staff the was on his back.

He then put up one of his hands and the two stopped.

"Halt! This area is under the US army! State your intentions!"




The words repeated in Fasha's head and she looked at Goswin to ask him if he's hearing anything.

Then another vision.

This time her previous self was fighting Valecan soldiers in the walls of her and her sisters temple, she was cut and bruised everywhere with not enough faithful prayers offered up for her to heal.

Then she saw Clavina getting stuck down by and arrow to the head as she fell down off the wall.


Her body seemed to move on it's own as she conjured a spell to incinerate the guard infront of her.

They are traitors

They are traitors

They are traitors

They are traitors

She was about to release the spell when she heard a loud thunder and her chest felt like it had been bitten by the fangs of a saber tooth of the northern icy plains.

She was hurt, but Goswins faith provided enough for her to stand up.

"They have sister." She suddenly realized what these visions were for.

Then her body felt like it was building up alot of strength, so much in fact that she thought it was going to go past her limit.

"You traitors have gotten crafty over the years of my disappearance but I am a goddess and you, a mere mortal!" She shouted out She started to run towards the guard in an incredible speed and conjured a blade in her right hand, intending to stab the guard.

The man was surprised by her incredible speed, if they only knew that she was breaking close to her limits.

But then a voice stopped it all.


*End Flashback*

"I- I had visions, of the Valecan army betraying me and my sisters and I thought that you were one of them and have my sister hostage." She replied.

"Okay, you said visions? And the Valecan army betraying you? Please do tell us what this is all about." The general requested, and she complied, telling him all about visions and the voice of her previous self and taking limited control of her body then she told him about the great betrayal by the king and the army, about how the old Valecan religion was disposed of.

After she was done, the general looked at her, carefully analyzing her.

"Can you keep it under control?" The general asked.


"Your previous self."

"I- yes now that this misunderstanding has been cleared up."

The general nodded and stood up, extending his hand to her. "Thank you for cooperating with us miss knight. You will be free to go soon."

She just looked at the general's hands, unsure on what to do.

Then her sister came in to her rescue by whispering in her ear.

"It's a custom, shake his hands as a sign of agreement."


She then took his hand and literally shook it, much to the amusement of the general.

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