64.28% Descendant of Creation / Chapter 9: The Origin Sect

Chapter 9: The Origin Sect

The sun rose over the horizon as Master Shen and Lei Long started towards the sect. Master Shen walked out of the hut with a bag with all his items and a sword in his hand. Lei Long was already outside since he didn't have anything with him. Master Shen threw the sword into the air and it expanded to have space for 2 people and started hovering. Lei Long knew about this flying sword but it was fascinating. Lei Long used his eyes and again he saw the strange letters floating on the sword like in the cave. The inheritance of knowledge has all the information on formations and even a lot of formation formulas that Formation masters would die for, but without anyone experienced at least points him in the right direction, he would not be able to understand anything. Master Shen saw Lei Long staring at the sword and said: "Yea I know my sword is excellent now get on unless you want to walk." They both got on the sword and Master Shen directed it and accelerated it gradually till everything looked went by like a blur. After a couple of hours, they got to a mountain range with an exceeding amount of Qi flowing out. Master Shen go up close to the mountain and took out a badge with the word "Origin Sect Grandmaster" on it. Lei Long was surprised "Grandmaster?" Master Shen smirked and responded, "Just a title, nothing much." The formation opened allowing them to enter. In the distance, a bunch of disciples was running around in a panicked manner and a group of elders standing next to the large entrance. Lei Long and Master Shen jumped off the sword and it shrunk into Master Shen's bag. They walked towards the entrance and Lei Long saw a whole bunch of disciples in a line to the side and a couple of old men standing, Lei Long asked: "What are they doing?" Master Shen didn't say anything but gave a huge smile. They were right in front of the entrance and everyone on the other side startled Lei Long by shouting "GREETINGS GRANDMASTER!!!" Lei Long was still dazed Master Shen responded "Hehehe, no need for such a big entrance I'm just a guest." Lei Long thought to himself while staring at his Master "How shameless..." One of the elders spoke out "I will take you to the Patriarch." The elder led Lei Long and Master Shen to a giant building with the words "Origin Sect Great Hall" Walking inside Lei Long saw an old man with a bright scholarly robe sitting in a throne surrounded by other smaller thrones. The old man smiled when he saw Master Shen "Dao Brother Shen it has been so long since we have met come to sit down we have a lot to talk about." Master Shen was happy to see his friend as well "Dao Brother Wang, it has been a long time and we have things to discuss, but I am here for another reason, this is my disciple Lei Long and I want him to join the Origin Sect to gain experience with other geniuses." Patriarch Wang knew why Master Shen came here and directed a disciple who was outside "Hey you, give Lei Long his outer disciple token and clothes." Lei Long was curious about something "Patriarch Wang, have you heard of the Elemental Dao sect?" Patriarch Wang obviously knew of this sect, it was their rival how could he not know who they are, clenching his fist he responded "Yes, they are our rival sect, they are the ones who stole our pill vendors by using their connections to the nobles in the Ocean Azura province, they should die all of them, die die die..." Patriarch Wang being reminded of the rival sect right after they stole their pills vendors, wasn't helpful. Lei Long was confused because he just wanted to know what kind of sect they were but instead unleashed a ravenous monster. Luckily before he continued his rant Master Shen was there to save the day "Hehehe Brother Wang never changes, it seems you guys are in quite a pickle not having pills for your disciples is gonna stunt their growth quite a bit." Patriarch Wang asked in a hopeful way "Brother Shen if you could help us a little with your cultivation we could revive this sect." Master Shen just shook his head "You know I can't do that I gave my vow that I would never associate myself with conflict when she died." Patriarch remembered the what happened and nodded his head "I'm sorry for reminding you about that, forget me asking, take Lei Long to his living quarters I have things to discuss with Grandmaster." The disciple nodded and directed Lei Long to follow him. After they left Patriarch Wang spoke, "Do you think he will be able to get revenge for you, remember she also made you promise that if you find someone you care about and they're in danger you can do whatever you want to save them." Master Shen took a sip from the gourd "Yea I remember, in the future, he will be beyond our scope of imagination, so far he has only produced wonders in front of me." Patriarch Wang asked curiously "So what is so special about him he seems to be at Qi condensation and we have many of those here, he is quite young to be at such a high cultivation level but the top geniuses are at Qi condensation by 10 years old?" Master Shen chuckled "So what if I told he already cultivates with some sort of special Qi." The Patriarch jumped "He's only at Qi condensation I've never heard of any special Qi that someone as weak as him can use." Master Shen laughed at this comment "It's not that the Qi is weak, it is way too powerful, I tested it out while he was cultivating and when I tried to push it into my Dantain I felt like I was about to explode luckily I didn't take in too many. Lei Long said he suddenly got the technique in his head but he doesn't know what Qi he has, I've been theorizing and I've heard stories of high realm experts giving a sort of baptizing to their kids to allowing them to control the Qi in their bodies but that's all I've thought of." Patriarch Wang was still shocked thinking to himself "WIth this kid maybe this sect can reach even greater heights..."

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