52.5% The Other Side of A Cultivation Story / Chapter 20: Initializing the Plan

Chapter 20: Initializing the Plan

As soon as he heard the commotion, Shu Wu pulled his own family outside their house and hurriedly walked towards Shu Wei and Qai.

They too were surprised to see the bigger black tiger and the presence of the twin.

When everything was cleared, they all went inside the main manor to relate everything that happened in their visit to Jiang City.

Thereafter, four rare class skill scrolls were distributed. And three of them were as requested: 'Intermediate Healing,' 'Intermediate Alchemy,' and 'Earthquake Kick.'

The 'Intermediate Alchemy,' will be a big boost for the family as Qinlun would be able to concoct higher tier pills which were necessary for the family's cultivation.

And with the addition of Bing in the fold, the future of Shu family, particularly to alchemy and its necessary implication to cultivation, appeared to be promising.

Qai remembered how strong the cultivation levels of the Mo Clan disciples were. Back then, he made sure to himself to help his family reach that level of status.

Mo Shui, for one, was already at the initial heaven stage and she's only 8 years old--the same level his big brother had but was only attained at the age of 20.

The fourth skill scroll was 'Wind Claw'--the wind element version of Shandian's 'Thunder Claw.' It was the perfect match for Shu Liang's flying needles.

After receiving the scrolls, the four easily went to their respective rooms--obviously to learn the skills. The scrolls were what they were all eagerly awaiting for.

In addition to the skill scroll, Shu Wu also received the low grade spatial ring which Qai took from the bandit captain.


Months later.

"Father," Qai called.

It has been 5 months, to be exact, since they arrived from Jiang City.

With better cultivating pills, all of them--without exception--broke through their level by one. Before, it would take at least a year for them to level up. Now it took them less than half a year.

Right now, Qai is at the peak of sky stage expert realm. It won't be too long and Qai would be equipping another skill--and he had already an idea what he needs.

"What is it, son?" Shu Wei replied.

Qai gestured his hands pointing behind him and said, "I need a place for them."

His father already saw what were behind Qai before he was approached but still cared to ask, "Why would you keep mortal beasts around.. are you planning to raise a livestock or something?"

Behind Qai were a pair of tamed wild wolves and a pair of tamed wild horses. They were all in the mortal realm.

So far, only four mortal beasts was the limit for Qai to control.

Shu Wei had already explain Qai few times how useless for cultivators mortal beasts were. But even if that were the case, he believed Qai had reasons for taming them.

"Well," his father mused, "you can ask Jing to help you build a stable for your horses and a shed for your wolves."

"And build them over there," Shu Wei added as he pointed towards the northern portion of the plateau.

Qai once theorized the possibility of nurturing mortal beasts to help them evolve and enter into higher realm.

Right now, he was practically clueless whether the beasts would remain under his control should they truly evolve.

The basic difference between them and Shandian was that Qai and Shandian entered into a 'soul contract'--an act which was possible to do with only one beast and that beast must at least have a core.

But with mortal beasts, the taming done was merely tempering their instincts.

Should Qai succeed, he thought he would call them 'domesticated demonic beasts.'

Qai specifically chose wild horses and wild wolves for a reason.

'Father, one day.. you will hunt riding a 'War Horse' and accompanied by a 'Dire Wolf,' Qai said to himself by the time his father left.

Qairi Qairi

Hi fellow novel readers, here's a chapter for today.. hope you enjoy it.. Thanks..

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