78.26% Multiverse System / Chapter 14: Selling

Chapter 14: Selling

With that thought, he purchase 5 Longevity Pill that increase 200 year of life, as he sure it will rake up pretty high price. He buy that for 500.000 SP from the Shop. He walked into most famous merchant in the city, Black Moon Merchant. Black Moon Merchant is biggest merchant guild in the Profound Sky Continent, he didn't fear they would try stole his pill because this Longevity pill is just increase 200 year life. While Longevity Pill is rare, it not rare enough they try stole from him. In one lifetime, one could just consume 10 longevity pill after that it would not effective anymore.

After arrived at the entrance of Black Moon Auction House, he told the front desk waier to call the manager here to come out as he show his cultivation. The waiter then go to inform the manager there's someone searching him.

Soon, the manager is coming, he is middle aged man that have average figure and calm demeanor. His name is Zi Ye, he have Peak Tyrant Profound Realm cultivation and serve as Desolate Beast City branch as manager.

"Why you called me boy ?" Zi Ye asked as he stare at this teenager in front him. He quite surprise as he sensed 2nd Earth Profound Realm from him, as he sensed his bone age just 13!!!! That is Sacred Ground level talent!!!

"Can we talk somewhere private ?" Yang Tian asked Zi Ye

"Sure, let me lead the way" Zi Ye lead Yang Tian to a private room

In the private room, Zi Ye asked what Yang Tian want to talk to him. As Zi Ye asked that, Yang Tian took a jade box that contain the Longevity Pill from his storage ring. After Zi Ye received the jade box , he began open it and a burst of medicinal fragrance is spread to the whole room.

"A Mortal Grade Longevity Pill !!!!!!" Zi Ye exclaimed as he quite surprised to see the pill

"A peak one at that !!! one pill can increase 200 year of longevity" Zi Ye

"You want sell it to me ? all 5 pill ?" Zi Ye began to asked as Longevity pill is rare. Usually this type of pill is auctioned in Annual Auction and the one auctioned is just can increase 100 year of longevity. There's higher grade Longevity Pill than the one, but it hard to be found once in decade as is hard to concoct the pill.

"Yes, how much all this pill worth according to you ?" Yang Tian began to asked, he can get higher price by auctioned them, but he is too lazy to do that.

"One pill is worth 10 Mid Spirit Stone minimum if auctioned, but if you choose to sell directly to us im giving you 5 Mid Spirit Stone at best." Zi Ye told Yang Tian price he willing to buy the pill

"5 Mid Spirit Stone is 5 Mid Spirit Stone, i sell them to you" Yang Tian agree to the price even thought he can bargain to get higher price,but he too lazy to do that.

"Hahahaha, it's refreshing to do Business with you ....? What's your name Young Master ?" All this time they chatting, he forgotting he never asked Yang Tian name!!

"My name is Yang Tian manager Zi" Yang Tian began to introduce himself

"So it's Young Master Tian, truly hero at young age, may i ask where do you come from ?" Zi Ye asked as this level talent usually came from formidable background

"Im just casual cultivator who roam the world, don't mind that" Yang Tian said casually

When Zi Ye heard, he just smile as he know Yang Tian not willing tell where he came from. He take 25 Mid Spirit Stone from his storage ring and a gold card.

"This is your payment Young Master Tian, and this is Gold Card of Black Moon Merchant Guild. This card can be used in any Black Moon Merchant shop and you can get VIP treatment" Zi Ye introduce the function of the gold car

"Thank you manager Zi, excuse myself as im about to go" Yang Tian took all Spirit Stone and the gold card into his storage ring and excuse himself to leave.

"Sure, we welcome you again if you ever want to sell stuff to us" Zi Ye replied

After Yang Tian leave, Zi Ye began to think why this level genius came selling pill. As far he know, this level genius never lack money and never selling pill to get money. But after a while, he decided buried this matter in the depth of mind as that's non his business.

Walking out from Black Moon shop, Yang Tian search a restaurant and began a feast there. He never get a delicious meal since he began his training. In Cyan Forest Town, there's just a tiny restaurant and the food level is barely eatable. So for now, he decided to splurge a little and relax himself as he will began his training after that.

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