53.84% Galaxy Of Infinity World's / Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Planning

Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Planning

Opening the book, the first page shows a picture of a flower that looks like a pair of pure white wings from an angel. Specter puts his helmet back on to let the system scan and save the information.

Angelica Wings: helps to heal damaged wings.

Found: mountain areas, high Location areas.

Picking the Angelica Wings, dig around at the base, it's delicate be careful getting it.

5 silver per one.

Turning a few extra pages until a picture the looked familiar, this one looked like a bleeding rose.

Bleeding Rose: helps blood cycle and heals Damage from poison.

Found: Dark Forest, Forest, other dark areas with some light.

Picking Bleeding Roses you need to be fast and be ready from thorn attacks.

Dangerous: the thorns can attack anything that gets to close and will absorb their blood and use it to grow.

1 gold per one.

Going through the book, as the system collected the information in the database. Others are observing Specter and Eternal Blood.

How is he calm next to a widower? (?)

I know it's scary just being this close! (??)

And what is with that armor he is wearing? Have you seen anything like that? (??)

I know and what is that on his head? Magic devise? (?)


In the sky above the Adventure Monster Killers, the old man that's been following Specter and Eternal Blood are watching what is going on.

He doesn't seem bad, why is the widower following him even if there is no tamer seal? (?)

I should ask if he will join my academy might be able to see a new archmage that would be great boring by my self all the time... (?)


Scan complete, what should this be classified as? [System]

Place it under biology in a separate folder named botany Place all plants under this from now on. (Specter)

Okay, let's go kill things and get money buy stuff before going to the academy. (Specter)

I wonder if I can learn magic also? [Eternal Blood]

I hope so but it might be different as it's more natural for you like an extra limb, as for me I have never been around Mana or magic before this is all new. (Specter)

Also, I have a plan, the Academy about magic should also have the land maps and names of the area and about the other stuff needed about this world if mages are similar to the novels and games from my world then there is a library of everything there. (Specter)

Okay, let's go! [Eternal Blood]

Standing up from the chair and moved away from the table and walked to the desk putting the book down on it and leaving the building, stepping out there greeted by the bright sun and clear sky the yelling from others with the sound of birds from the rooftops.

They walked out of the town only to see an old man standing there in the middle of the road his white hair and beard, giving off a peaceful smile as his gray robes giving off gold rune formations over it, but his eyes are the most noticeable part as there glowing a pure mystic blue.

Specter, that human is strong! [Eternal Blood]

Don't need to tell me just looking at him my body telling me to run but his smile is calming my body. Odd. (Specter)

Young Man! (?)

Yes? (Specter)

You are leaking Mana you should fix that. (?)

I would like to but I don't know how. (Specter)

Hmm? I can teach you it's easy. (?)

Why? I don't know who you are. (Specter)

I'm so old I have forgotten to introduce myself I'm Axon Udroras, just call this on Axon Hoho! (Axon)

Axon is it? My name is Specter this here is Eternal Blood my companion. So why is it that you're wanting to teach me how to control my Mana? (Specter)

Hoho, you're a cautious one, well your strong and don't know how to use magic with all that Mana seems like a waste don't you think? (Axon)

Specter, I don't feel anything like a lie from him he seems to be telling the truth this can be your chance to get stronger he's strong more than you might realize. [Eternal Blood]

Can Eternal Blood come with? (Specter)

The Widower? Sure there are lots of other mages that have their own pets. (Axon)

Others? (Specter)

O, right once again need to do a better job at this, let me reintroduce myself I'm Archmage Axon Udroras of the Floating Magic Academy looking to find your mages to spread the Knowledge of Magic. (Axon)

That explains more if you said that in the beginning, I would have already said yes haha! (Specter)

Okay, let's get going you're just in time the Academy starts today. (Axon)

Axon finished talking he waved his hand and a portal appeared even though it looks like a glass window on the other side is showing lots of people moving about.

Specter, Eternal Blood please walk through. (Axon)

This is so amazing, let's go Eternal! (Specter)

Yes! [Eternal Blood]

As the three walked through the Portal Specter felt as if all gravity been removed and he could fly. In the next second the gravity came back as there surrounding changed to a courtyard with others walking to and from all over the place.

Axon, how did that teleportation work? (Specter)

Axon moved us to the side away from the portal that we walked through as he talked.

This is a magic anchor portal from a long time ago, there is a spell that lets us use the portal to bring others here, after all, we don't want to land the Academy every time to get new mages. (Axon)

Can you use it to travel anywhere? (Specter)

No, only if you know space magic. This here is just a portal already made to bring people here or off the wizards on the ground floor need to open the portal to enter or exit from here. If not the Academy will need to land and (Axon)

As they're talking about the portal, a blue-robed man with black hair with slight glowing eyes walked up to Axon.

Sit, your back you left so fast tha.... (?)

The man stopped talking and looked at Specter and to Eternal, back to Specter.

O, Eneus, this here is Specter and this is Eternal Blood hoho! I see you also noticed Eneus. (Axon)

Specter and Eternal Blood this here is teacher Eneus Pemonar. (Axon)

Just call me teacher Eneus as the others, your strong in mana but seem not able to control it I will show you how if you walk around like that it would be bad it can disturb others as their training accidents can happen. (Eneus)

I will leave Specter and Eternal Blood with you Eneus. (Axon)

Yes, Sir! (Eneus)

And with that Axon dissipated into nothing, as for Eneus he turned back to Specter and Eternal Blood as he waved for them to follow.

I will take you to the meditation room first. (Eneus)

This place is big, you might get lost that's fine it happens a lot with others the Academy been made with space magic way back and it's bigger than the outside. (Eneus)

Is there a library? (Specter)

Yes, it's big some took a liking to call it mazed library, others got lost in that place for days so we made a magic necklace for everyone it will show the exit of each room you enter. (Eneus)

That's good don't want to die because I got lost haha! (Specter)

That would be bad but it has happened before so be careful. (Eneus)

Ha...ha... (Specter)

Well, we're at our destination. (Eneus)

Looking at the door that seems made out of stone looks heavy, as a magic circle on it just looking at it makes Specter start having a headache.

Hmm? Right don't look at magic circles for the time being until you're stronger in your Mana control you're mind will not possess the information from it and can break your mind if you're not careful. (Eneus)

Looking away the headache stopped, as Eneus opened the door they walked into a room people are sitting all over the place not moving or talking there is a magic circle under each one and the room seems to go on for a mile or two.

This place is only for meditation when learning new spells this will help clear your mind and prosses the information safely or control your Mana, also others use it to absorb the Mana in the air after all this room is one of many places that Mana will be the most convenient as Mana is higher here. (Eneus)

Now sit down here in this magic circle. (Eneus)

Sit anyway you like that seem the best for you. (Eneus)

Specter sits crossed legs as he waited for Teacher Eneus to continue.

Okay now close your eyes and feel the Mana around you, it is fast and slow soft and hard. (Eneus)

Sitting there Specter starts feeling something around him it's chaotic like the Mana that ran in his body before it fixing it, so Specter started doing the same as before, but it seems to not move as if something is missing Specter moved his hands in front of his stomach both his pointer fingers making a triangle shape as his right thumb touched his left middle finger, and his left thumb touched his right middle finger, as his ring and pinky fingers just relaxed. As his hands make an Infinity symbol the Mana starts changing making a loop but is half missing as the other half seem to try to reach out to find the other half but it's stopped at the Edge of the magic circle.

What is this it's so strong yet the feeling is incomplete! (Eneus)

Eternal Blood she starts feeling that if she doesn't join the connection will forever be half completed, so she walked to the magic circle as she does the Mana followed her as she got closer it seems to start trying to reach out to her.

You can't go in there! (Eneus)

But he was to distracted by Specter to realize that Eternal already to close to stop her as she walked in and stood right behind specter as the Mana made another circle and they entwined together forming the Infinity symbol.

The connection between Specter and Eternal Blood starts getting stronger as even feelings can be felt from one another.

As this is going on the Mana in the air started condensing to them an hour Glass appears with them in the center as the Mana moved from the top and the bottom soon the Infinity symbol appears as the connection of both circle are in the center of the hour Glass, as both sit there together time start passing by without the two noticing as the Mana around the planet seem to move to one point that's the Academy.


Sir, It's already been one week, and the mana doesn't seem to stop as it's moving to us but the odd part is the Mana just moved right back to the previous place it was at just making a big circle, I sent a tracker on the condensed Mana to see what is happening that's how I've figured out that it's just moving in a circle. (Eneus)

At least we don't need to worry about if Mana is less in areas as it's moving to us without stopping anytime soon. (Axon)

How are the two? (Axon)

Sir, there fine I checked up on their bodies, I don't know anything much on Widower bodies but there seem to have nothing wrong with anyone other them. (Eneus)

Hoho! We need to thank them once there awakened because of them the Mana is stronger magic is easier to learn, now we should increase the learning on the others. (Axon)

And keep the others from getting close to the two, for the time being, don't want to have any accidents from disturbing them for the time being. (Axon)

It will be done. (Eneus)

Bowing Eneus left the room.

Just What is your Mana catalyst? (Axon)

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